Complexity Made Simple...


Construction, Mechanical Completion, Commissioning and Start-up is a complex, progressive and phased process which requires early detailed definition and planning in order to facilitate efficient and seamless project execution and control. This in turn allows for timely client approvals and final acceptance, thus enabling early project technical and commercial close out, and thereby minimising the risk of contractual penalties.

The Unasys business function is to identify and manage such complexities in order to optimise project construction, commissioning, start-up and close out. Unasys provides integration of Mechanical Completions and Turnover, using the expertise of specialist managers and engineers together with an effective software application known as e-pm. This unique combination enables projects to deliver structured Certification Management, which enables documentation packages to be delivered concurrent with completion of the physical works. The waiting period for final documentation, a common feature of so many projects, is eliminated.

Working in collaboration with clients, the Unasys mission is thus to become synonymous with the completion of large scale projects on time and within budget.

...Unasys are setting the standard


for completions, commissioning, modification and decommissioning.

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Not by just doing 'stuff'...

It is estimated that up to 30% of an offshore operator's time is spent seeking data in order to perform a task

...but by having the RIGHT information.

Key decisions are made on information received. 


It's not about following the crowd

It's about setting and following the optimum path...


Visible project scope and the latest information give smarter teams the tools to find their way


...through better life cycle management and...


When it comes to completions and commissioning management, technologies, processes and standards evolve, meaning there will always be smarter ways to do things.


...Asset Visualisation


And following 'best practice'.


How many projects go over budget and run late?


Don't follow the crowd