Don't Follow The Crowd...

...when it comes to commissioning and completions management. Technology, processes and standards evolve, meaning there will always be a smarter way to do things.

Choose the right track

The Smart Solution

Defining and then executing the sequential activities on major complex projects, where facilities are fabricated and tested in more than one location can often be difficult. Our role is to manage, verify and validate that all systems and their component parts are complete and ready for startup. By building a digital asset we are able to define in detail our scope of work early. This allows us to strategically plan for the life cycle of our project. Engineering to Operation.


“I appreciate the consistently high level of expertise and the excellent service provided by Unasys throughout.” - ACS Cobra Castor Engineering and Commissioning Manager

We don't just do stuff

Successful completions and commissioning requires good team selection. People who do what they are good at. Managers and engineers who are well rehearsed in the turnover and handover techniques for the lifecycle management.

By following best practices from package management to preservation, from inspection to operation, our strategy is to guide and keep it simple, challenge but remain consistent, standardise, being aware that standards evolve. Resulting in safe and compliant facilities - ready for startup.


“My experience of working with Unasys has been very positive, they are enthusiastic, customer focused, flexible and responsive.” - Cygnus IS Manager

It's all about the Application

A market leading software application that provides point in time information management, together with the latest technology, that guides and simplifies the completions process.


“Unasys provided experienced engineering resources including a Spanish speaking engineer. They were professional and diligent at all times, they provided excellent service and I would be happy to work with them again.” - Commisioning Manager, Sener


Unasys have been involved in a range of diverse projects around the world. From the Americas to Europe to Asia. From FPSOs to Platforms. From LNG to Offshore Wind Farms...



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